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  • Therapy For 20 Somethings Women

    Young adulthood is often a time where you experience a deepening of independence and with that, added responsibilities. Decisions around education, career or just what you want to experience during this time, can seem overwhelming and intense as you try to find a way to thrive in the new unknown. It is normal to feel a lack of direction or clarity around some of these choices. I provide space and help guide you with building a strong foundation and a sense of clarity around issues such as:

    • developing meaningful friendships
    • navigating romantic relationships
    • feeling confident
    • self worth and body image
    • adapting to university
    • dealing with stress and anxiety
    • developing a sense of direction
    • having healthy coping skills
    • understanding your values and needs

    Our work together can help you feel grounded and develop a sense of who you are and what you want during a time of important decision making and change.