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  • Women’s Group

    “Behind every successful woman is other successful women who have her back.”

    I believe that healing, growth and the ability to thrive is supported through community. While doing the individual, inner work is valuable, it is complimented by being connected and supported by others. The women’s online group is a 12-week program, to support women in building community in a way that is intentional and done in a safe and open manner.  The time and day of the week is TBD based on preferences of group members. The sessions will be an hour long, once a week.

    It can be difficult to intentionally set time aside not only for personal development and growth but also specifically for connection. Whether you feel you have a good support system or feel you would like to see this area of your life grow, this group will be a good opportunity to facilitate healing and growth by listening to and being able to share parts of yourself with other women.

    Each week will focus on a different theme. Similar to individual therapy, I will tailor these themes to explore topics that are put forward by group members. Examples of topics might include:

    • how to prioritize yourself
    • healthy relationships
    • interpersonal communication
    • what self-care look like for you
    • self-worth and body image
    • emotion regulation and feeling your feelings
    • mindfulness and meditation

    I have experience facilitating women’s processing groups, women’s psychoeducation groups, skills classes for addictions recovery, skills groups for Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), among others.

    While there is room for some psychoeducation based on the topic or theme, the purpose of these sessions is to hear from each other. My role is to facilitate discussion and support each woman in feeling heard and expressing themselves in a safe environment that is meant to cultivate growth, learning and connection.