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  • Therapy For Women

    Navigating womanhood and finding clarity around what that means to you can be hard to do when we are constantly bombarded with images that society often conveys as the ideal life and the ideal woman. There is no ideal and no one right way to live. Finding a way to sort through what we’ve heard and what we see and get to a place where we feel clear about our own needs, values and dreams is a process that is not often given enough time and space. Whether you’re a woman who is trying to balance raising children, being a partner, having a career, being single, feeling good in your body or just navigate different life transitions and circumstances, know that there is no one right way to live.  Some common things we might work on include:

    • interpersonal communication
    • navigating conflict
    • understanding your emotions
    • balancing career, family life and relationships
    • prioritizing yourself
    • identity
    • self-worth and body image
    • relationships ending
    • blended families
    • healthy coping skills for anxiety and stress
    • understanding your values and needs

    You are your own unique person and the work we do together is to support you in sifting through the dialogue in your head and in your life and get to a place where you discover what feels true for you.