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  • Therapy For Teen Girls

    I provide support for adolescent girls ages 13 and up. Being a teenager can be a really complicated period of time as you try to navigate and balance school, family and friend relationships and emotional and physical changes. Connecting and talking to friends and family about what is going on is important, at the same time, talking to a trusted adult outside your family may feel more comfortable. Some common things we might work on include:

    • learning to communicate effectively with parents, friends, teachers
    • understanding and regulating emotions
    • accepting and loving the different parts of yourself
    • self worth and body image
    • navigating split and/or blended families
    • learning to find balance among the pressure of this period of time
    • coping with stress and anxiety

    I am here to support you in growing and learning about who you are and who you want to become during this time in your life. Our sessions are confidential and we engage your family members as needed when and if you want to include them in some elements of this experience.